Blue Hills Studio Magnetic Multi-Shaper Punches

What a great innovation! These truly unique punches have a detachable magnetic punch head that allows you to punch anywhere on the paper. All with one Multi-Shaper punch, you can create small and large corners, borders, frames, 4" and 6" circles, squares, rectangles, and 5" ovals. Use the Multi-Shaper II to create borders, frames, triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and corners in unlimited sizes! Each punch comes with easy to follow, step by step directions printed right on the back of the package.

Punching Dos & Don'ts

DO make sure the punch base and head are always facing you during punching, and that you rotate your paper, not the punch. You can also put your free hand on the back of the punch head to give you more stability
DON'T rotate the punch instead of your paper, you’ll want it facing you at all times to apply pressure correctly and get the best punching results
DO make sure you always have the correct punch head with the correct base (the names are printed in on the heads with an illustration of the design so you can easily match it with the design printed on the base)
DON'T try using one design’s base with another design’s head
DO stand while punching to apply a vertical pressure
DON'T sit and roll your hand towards yourself while punching (unlike a traditional punch, this head is magnetically attached to the base instead of welded, so you cannot do the usual “rolling” of your hand towards you to)
DO use the heel of your palm on the center of the punch head right above where the plastic piece is perpendicular to the punch head
DON'T use the tips of your fingers or the top of your palm while punching
DO use vellum, decorative papers, and lightweight cardstock
DON'T use foam, wood, textured/handmade papers, cover stock, or heavyweight cardstock (approximately 65# maximum due to the intricacy of the punch designs, and the magnetic head will lift from the base during punching if the papers are too thick, textured or fibrous)
DO practice on a scrap piece of paper first to get used to lining up your design
DON'T be afraid to experiment and be creative – making mirror images embellishments are especially fun and the possibilities for new shapes are unlimited!
Multi-Shaper Punches

Flower Garden

Model: BHS613

Click here for detailed instructions


Model: BHS614

Click here for detailed instructions

Rose Bud

Model: BHS622

Click here for detailed instructions

Love Story

Model: BHS623

Click here for detailed instructions

Baby's Breath

Model: BHS624

Click here for detailed instructions

Enchanted Woods

Model: BHS625

Click here for detailed instructions

Tweet Tweet

Model: BHS626

Click here for detailed instructions

Water Lily

Model: BHS627

Click here for detailed instructions

Meteor Showers

Model: BHS628

Click here for detailed instructions
Multi-Shaper II Punches


Model: BHS617


Model: BHS618


Model: BHS619


Model: BHS620

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